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Corrective Jaw Surgery
Issaquah, WA

A woman smiling after receiving corrective jaw surgery at Egger Orthodontics in Issaquah, WA At Egger Orthodontics]]], our orthodontists are fully prepared and trained to help you with any tooth alignment problems you may face. In some cases, your dental health can be improved substantially if you choose to undergo corrective jaw surgery. If you have a misaligned jaw, we can give you a range of surgical treatment options to help address it, improve your oral health, and leave you with a much better bite than you had before.

What Is Jaw Misalignment?

We may recommend corrective jaw surgery when your upper and lower teeth do not meet comfortably. The two most common bite problems are underbite, where the lower teeth protrude before the upper teeth, and overbite, where the upper teeth sit in front of the lower teeth. The harsher examples can make it difficult to talk, eat, or even breathe. Because the joint that connects your upper and lower jaw is so complex, chronic pain can result if it fails to work properly. A mismatched bite can also be known as a malocclusion, and the effects can be intensely physical and emotional.

Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, otherwise known as orthognathic surgery, can help realign and strengthen your jaw, as well as help you correct for any skeletal deformities you may have. If you suffer from a severe malocclusion, or improper bite, our orthodontists may recommend that you take this step.

To determine the need, we will take x-rays of your mouth and review your medical history so that we can diagnose the best possible treatment for you. If you have certain heart conditions, prosthetic joints, or have a compromised immune system, we will discuss prescribing antibiotic prophylaxis with you as a premedication step.

What Would The Day Of Corrective Jaw Surgery Look Like?

On the day of your surgery, it is recommended to avoid food or drink for eight hours the procedure, particularly if you are expecting to use general anesthesia. The surgery itself typically takes one to three hours. It is possible that you will suffer a degree of pain, bleeding, and swelling that the anesthesia will help you to combat.

Once the procedure is completed, you will usually stay in the hospital for a few days and then proceed to a home recovery time that lasts for about six weeks. Oral care can often become a bit more complicated for some time after the treatment, so be sure to follow our doctors’ instructions for your home care needs.

The Financial Cost Of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Though corrective jaw surgery can help to substantially improve your dental health and quality of life, it can be a costly process. Without the aid of health insurance, orthognathic surgery can cost $20,000 or more. This can oscillate in either direction depending on the severity of your jaw misalignment and what exact type of surgery was required.

Nonetheless, it helps to know that corrective jaw surgery is considered a medical procedure, and not a cosmetic one, because of how it can be needed in order to prevent more costly dental and medical problems later on in life. As a result, some health insurance policies will help you to cover at least a portion of the cost for this procedure.

Though the cost may be arduous, corrective jaw surgery might be exactly what you need to live a healthier life free from severe dental problems. If you believe that corrective jaw surgery might be right for you or if you wish to learn more about the procedure, call us today at 425.392.2499.
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All of the staff members are consistently friendly and warm! They are wonderful with children (even the little sister that wanted to closely watch)! Dr. Egger and her staff are very gentle, knowledgeable and professional and spend quality time educating patients and family. We feel like we are getting excellent care!

- Kristina M.

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At Egger Orthodontics, our orthodontists are fully prepared & trained to help you with any alignment problems - including a range of surgical treatment options.
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