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Foods to Avoid

Teenage girl eating an orange sliceAt Egger Orthodontics, we want our patients to enjoy the most rewarding lifestyle possible while they use braces. Unfortunately, although braces offer significant benefits for your dental health and tooth alignment, there are some foods that we recommend you avoid while you have them on your teeth. It is possible for some foods to separate a bracket away from its tooth. Other foods can stick to the wiring or create areas of decay around your braces. It is important to be careful with your diet while you keep your teeth and braces healthy.

Will Candy Be A Problem For Me?

Many of the foods that will get stuck to your teeth are candies such as caramels, taffy, fudge, and gum. These chewy treats risk loosening your brackets and causing wire damage. Starchy and sugary options like this also create plaque acid, which can increase chances of gum disease and tooth decay. Hard candy like jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers, and Life Savers can with one unlucky bite risk breaking your braces and making them less effective. Altogether, though candies can make for a tempting treat, we recommend you avoid their consumption if you can.

Other Problematic Food Groups

Other chewy foods such as hard rolls, bagels, and licorice can loosen your braces and should be avoided. Foods you have to bite into such as carrots, apples, and corn on the cob can be eaten, but only carefully. These foods are acceptable once you cut them into smaller pieces but, in original form, they can risk damaging your braces. Crunchy and hard foods such as nuts, pretzels, popcorn are foods that can similarly threaten the integrity of your braces. If you have a habit of chewing on ice, we recommend that you do your best to hold back from doing so.

Is It Possible To Stain My Braces?

It is, in fact, true that the ligatures of your braces can risk becoming stained if you consume certain foods. Those food items with strong colorants such as grape juice, berries, curry sauce, or beetroots can have this negative effect on your braces. If you have a history of significant soda consumption or high acid fruit drinks, you are at an increased risk of staining your braces. This can be mitigated by brushing and flossing after every meal. This will give your saliva time to wash away a food’s acids and allows your enamel time to settle.

Safe Food To Eat With Your Braces

We know that the list of foods to avoid can be long, but we want to reassure you that there are still plenty of healthy and safe options to choose from. If you are willing to properly prepare food before consumption, then this permits you to eat hard fruits and veggies like apples and carrots so long as they are sliced into smaller pieces. Canned fruits in their juices and unsweetened applesauce are great soft options. Oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, fish, chicken, and cooked veggies can round out your diet in a way that does not threaten your braces.

While you wear braces, it is important to eat carefully in a way that does not damage them. If you need further help creating a diet that will enhance your dental health, call us today at 425.392.2499.
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All of the staff members are consistently friendly and warm! They are wonderful with children (even the little sister that wanted to closely watch)! Dr. Egger and her staff are very gentle, knowledgeable and professional and spend quality time educating patients and family. We feel like we are getting excellent care!

- Kristina M.

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