The day your braces come off is an exciting day! But once your braces are removed, you may notice that your teeth aren’t quite as pearly white as you had hoped. It’s important to take exceptional care of your smile during orthodontic treatment, but even the most diligent brusher may notice a few stains once their braces come off. So, what can you do?

Egger Orthodontics is pleased to offer some tips to get your smile brighter than ever.

  • Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash – There are many different whitening options on the market in the form of toothpaste and mouthwash. These can help remove minor stains, as well as continue to keep your teeth white. However, these will not remove deeper stains.
  • At-home whitening kits – At-home kits, such as Crest Whitestrips, are relatively effective and can be used after braces. They will not be as quick or effective as professional whitening treatments, however.
  • Professional whitening – Serious stains or white spots on the teeth are best treated by professional whitening provided by a dental professional. This is the best way to quickly and effectively reverse years of staining. And, you can have noticeably whiter teeth in just one visit.

What causes staining?

Stains aren’t just from poor oral hygeien. Food and drink, such as tea, coffice, juice, soda, and wine can stain the enamel. And while you’re in braces, you can’t really brush underneath your brackets. But these staining agents can still seep in, so you may notice some spots on your teeth once your braces are removed.

White spots are also a common issue after braces. If you don’t brush properly while in treatment, white spots can appear around where your brackets were. This is caused by demineralization, which occurs when acids eat away at the enamel of your teeth. It is reversible, however, by using fluoride and whitening treatments.

Whitening is a pain-free process, however, it can cause a bit of sensitivity in the first few days. Avoid extreme temperature changes, and in no time, you’ll be showing off a beautiful, brighter smile.

Teeth whitening is an excellent option once your braces are removed. If you notice any staining or white spots, our team at Egger Orthodontics is happy to refer you to a cosmetic dentist or recommend products to use to get your smile as beautifully white as possible.