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You should know that just like all teeth are different, every orthodontic practice is different, too. In your search to find the right provider for your family, you will most likely find similar treatment options. It’s important to know, however, that all treatment is not the same.

At Egger Orthodontics, we aim to serve others by changing lives, supporting our community, and taking a patient-centric approach to treatment.

Our Issaquah Orthodontics team works hard to offer the highest quality care in a friendly, comfortable, environment. The biggest reward is seeing how happy our patients are with their new smiles after treatment.

Dr. Nadine Egger and Dr. Gabi Aragon have spent their careers perfecting how to create a beautiful and healthy smile. Our doctors will work closely with you every step of the way to make sure your Issaquah dental care is among the best experiences you’ve ever had. Let Egger Orthodontics help you make the best investment you’ve ever made – YOUR SMILE!

Dr. Nadine Egger

Meet Dr. Nadine Egger

Orthodontist In Issaquah, WA

Dr. Nadine Egger attended the University of Puget Sound, Pepperdine University and then the University of Washington - graduating in 1988 with her doctorate in Dental Sciences. Upon graduating from dental school, Issaquah Dentist Dr. Egger practiced general dentistry for two years before returning to the University of Washington earning her certificate of Proficiency in Orthodontics and her Masters of Science in dentistry.

Meet Your Orthodontist Issaquah Team

As a team issaquah dentist, there is nothing better for us than seeing a patient finish their Best orthodontics in Issaquah and have a big, beaming smile filled with self-confidence and pride. It’s what we always strive for!

What people are saying about us


“Amazing team and outstanding orthodontist! Dr. Egger creates beautiful smiles in every aspect – that’s why I selected her to care my children even though it means driving from Redmond for my children’s appointments. And, as a general dentist myself, I understand what it takes to deliver awesome orthodontic care.”

- Tonya L. United States


“We recently started coming here and have not completed the whole treatment recommended for my son, so it will be nice to see how the rest of the year goes . However my son LOVES this place so much, he makes sure everyone gets a hug before he sits in his chair. It is so comforting to see this. The staff is always so friendly and responsive!!. I highly recommend this dentist!!”

-Nika O.


“We took both of our kids to Dr Egger. The office staff was fantastic, attentive and friendly. Dr Egger always took the time to answer questions and clearly outlined the ‘ortho’ plan for us it’s the beginning, middle and end.”

Andrew L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does an orthodontist do?

Your Issaquah orthodontist is a dental health specialist who focuses on your teeth and jaw alignment. Orthodontists plan customized treatments with appliances to safely and gradually realign your teeth and achieve an ideal relationship between your jaws.

What does orthodontic treatment mean?

Getting Issaquah Orthodontics means getting your teeth and jaw into the proper alignment. Treatment means different things for everyone depending on several factors, but, generally, Orthodontics Issaquah will mean spending some time with braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth or correct your bad bite.

What is the best age to start orthodontic treatment?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), kids should start visiting an orthodontist by age 7. Please note that a visit to the orthodontist by age 7 does not mean starting to wear braces, but rather ensuring that the kid enjoys proper dental development as they grow up.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

In general, your treatment might take several months. Some patients can see results in as little as 6 months, but others might have to take up to 36 months to get their problems taken care of with braces or other appliances. Please ask your best orthodontics Issaquah about how long treatment might take for you.

Do I still go to the dentist with braces?

You should definitely continue visiting your general dentist frequently, especially when taking care of your deep dental cleaning every 6 months. Wearing braces might increase the risk of suffering from tooth decay if you don’t have good dental hygiene habits, and a visit to the general dentist will help with that.

Is it better to get braces from a dentist or orthodontist?

Only a qualified Orthodontist Issaquah can and should install braces and plan treatment to safely and efficiently achieve your desired results. Please consult with a board-certified orthodontist about your orthodontics treatment Issaquah.

How do I schedule my next appointment?

Get in touch with our office, call our team, or set an appointment by clicking the button at the top of our page. We’ll gladly find a time that fits your schedule as best as possible.