Orthodontics For Adults in Issaquah, WA

So you got a little too relaxed about not wearing your retainer years ago and you now notice that your teeth have shifted. Or maybe braces were out of your budget as a child or teeth, and it’s finally time to treat yourself. Either way, Dr. Nadine Egger is an experienced provider of adult orthodontics in Issaquah. You’re never too old to look fantastic and feel confident about your smile.

Your smile may be more than a cosmetic concern. Malocclusion in adults can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, decay, pain, and difficulty chewing. A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they agree that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile.

 Dr. Nadine Egger

Is The Orthodontic Treatment Right For Me?

Does the thought of metal braces fill you with dread? Well, you have plenty of choices. The field of orthodontics has made major strides since your high school years. Many of our adult patients choose Invisalign for orthodontic treatment in Issaquah. Invisalign uses a series of custom-made, clear aligners to straighten your teeth. The aligners are comfortable to wear and are removable so you can eat the foods you enjoy and maintain excellent oral hygiene. The best part is they are virtually invisible so you can straighten your smile without anyone even knowing!

During your initial orthodontic examination, Dr. Nadine Egger will be able to determine the best possible treatment for your individual needs. With convenient hours and minimum wait times in our Issaquah orthodontic office, you can easily fit treatment into your busy schedule.

To learn more about the benefits of adult orthodontics in Issaquah, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. We know that you have a busy schedule, and we will work with you to make sure each office visit is as efficient and convenient as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does orthodontic treatment work for adults?

Yes. Even though teenagers and younger patients may complete their dental treatment more efficiently, adults can still begin their treatment with braces or clear aligners and achieve their dream smile without major setbacks due to their age.

How long will adults need braces?

On average, adults may need to wear their braces anywhere between 18 to 36 months. Please note that your case can be wildly different from that of another patient. You’ll only get a better estimate when you come to a consultation with a qualified orthodontist who reviews your dental alignment status and builds a thorough medical and dental history.

Are braces effective for adults?

Yes. In fact, adult patients have some of the best results because they are much more likely to comply with their orthodontist’s recommendations and ensure they avoid any unwanted setbacks. It’s well worth it to get braces at 65 or any other advanced age. You just have to ask an orthodontist to know what they think works best in your case.

Is orthodontic treatment necessary for adults?

In some cases, orthodontic treatment is the only safe and minimally invasive way to correct dental alignment problems, breathing complications, such as sleep apnea, and mandibular pain caused by TMD. Get in touch with our orthodontist to learn more about the benefits of orthodontics.

What's the best age to visit the orthodontist?

Patients should first visit an orthodontist by age 7; however, adults shouldn’t feel discouraged if they didn’t start their treatment at an earlier age. In reality, the best age to visit the orthodontist is when you’re certain you can begin your treatment. Don’t worry so much about your age, and set an appointment to check what your treatment will require.

Is the orthodontic treatment right for me?

This all depends on what you wish to achieve. Orthodontics has benefits that extend to the fields of cosmetics, dental function, and oral health. Only by setting an appointment and having a consultation with a specialist will you know if this specialized treatment is the right way to solve whichever concern you have.

How do I schedule my next appointment?

It’s as simple as giving us a call or clicking on the button above. Fill in your information and set the time and date that better works for your schedule. Your first visit will be an opportunity to learn more about orthodontics and determine what treatment plan works best for you.