Orthodontics is a set of procedures that are used to correct issues of wrongly positioned teeth. You do not have to feel downcast if you were unfortunate enough to develop improperly positioned jaws and teeth. Here at Egger Orthodontics, we have professional orthodontists who can re-position your teeth or jaw, and restore your smile.

Misplaced or crooked teeth are a nuisance. They are not only unappealing to the eye but also difficult to clean. This could easily lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease. They can be easily lost in such cases. It is always important for children from the age of six or seven to be checked, and Issaquah early orthodontics is conducted if necessary.

Braces Issaquah

Orthodontics can be conducted on adults too, but the procedures are a bit more complicated as opposed to those used on a kid. Jaw repositioning procedures are easier on adults whose problems started being worked on while they were still young as well. Our orthodontists will make the process as seamless as possible, and the results will be worth the hassle. You will end up with a great appearance that will allow you to smile wider, and strong teeth that can last a lifetime.

It would help if you were examined closely by our dentists so that they can determine whether you are eligible for orthodontics. Your dental health history, x-rays, and plaster models of your dental structure will tell whether you are eligible for orthodontics. Orthodontics will not be recommended if it is established that they could cause further complications in your mouth.

Orthodontics will help rectify conditions such as overbites, crossbites, open bites, underbites, spacing, crowding, and misplaced midlines. All these are conditions in which either your upper or lower teeth are not in a proper position for one reason or the other.

Invisalign® Issaquah

If you would like to correct your teeth without metal braces, then Invisalign is for you. Invisalign aligners are clear, removable trays made from a digital scan (YEP no GOOPY molds) that work gradually, and gently shift your teeth into alignment for a straight beautiful healthy smile.

The smooth, comfortable plastic of the aligners does not irritate the gums and cheeks, causes less tooth pain, and allows you to eat whatever foods you enjoy. It also allows brushing and flossing for better dental health, fewer appointments than traditional braces, less time in the orthodontic chair, and you can whiten your teeth as you are on the way to a beautiful smile.

Invisalign® Teen Issaquah

Unlike traditional braces that use wires and brackets, the Invisalign Teen system straightens your teeth with a series of clear, smooth, comfortable plastic aligners that you wear for at least 22 hours every day. Every week, you insert a new aligner, gradually straightening your teeth into their optimal position. It’s that easy! And because Invisalign Teen aligners are clear and fit smoothly onto your teeth, your friends will only notice your smile, not your orthodontic treatment.

Early Phase Orthodontics Issaquah

Every child should have an orthodontic examination. There are 20 baby teeth and 32 permanent teeth. A significant percentage of children have discrepancies with the teeth and jaws that can be easily corrected and problems avoided with early diagnosis. This can allow more normalized future growth and development.

We are looking for missing baby and permanent teeth, teeth coming in the wrong direction, extra teeth, Impacted teeth, crowding, jaw discrepancies, tongue thrust, thumb sucking/finger habit, mouth breathing, sleep apnea, grinding, protruding front teeth, damage to teeth and self-esteem enhancement.

Early Intervention guides growth and development and can eliminate the need for extraction of permanent teeth, surgery, implants, TMJ, airway disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea. And can significantly decrease the time or need for treatment later.

Multidisciplinary Orthodontics Issaquah

Dr. Egger has provided advanced multidisciplinary dental care for her patients over the past 30 years and regularly lectures on the subject of multidisciplinary care to orthodontic residents, oral surgery residents, periodontal residents, and dentists. She has established a multidisciplinary team composed of some of the leading specialists in their fields. This collaborative approach ensures that as a patient you receive the best possible care at every step of the treatment process. The team approach allows for more efficiency with a better, more stable, and lasting treatment outcome.

Adult Treatment Issaquah

Dr. Nadine Egger is an experienced provider of adult orthodontics in Issaquah, WA. You’re never too old to look fantastic and feel confident about your smile.

Your smile may be more than a cosmetic concern. Malocclusion in adults can lead to tooth loss, gum disease, decay, pain, and difficulty chewing. A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they agree that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile.