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Braces Emergencies
Issaquah, WA

A young man with braces smiling at Egger Orthodontics in Issaquah, WAAt Egger Orthodontics, we want our patients as informed as possible about how to handle any dental emergency that can affect your braces. Though braces are made to be durable and to withstand the effects of your everyday life, there are still extreme events that can cause breakages to occur. Wires and brackets are fragile and can break for any number of reasons. We want you to know exactly what to do if such an accident happens.

What Causes Braces Emergencies?

The brackets and wires that we use to help realign your teeth over time can be damaged or come loose in certain circumstances. If you eat the wrong foods, this can cause your braces to break unexpectedly. Hard foods especially, like uncut apples, hard candies, or carrots, should consequently be avoided while you wear braces. Sustaining an injury to your mouth can have a similar effect. Beyond this, you should try to brush and floss slowly and carefully, as doing so roughly has been known to cause damage to your braces.

What Do I Do If I Have A Braces Emergency?

One of the most common emergencies you may have with your braces is for a wire to break or come loose. This is often more of an irritant than it is a danger to your mouth, and should be dealt with by covering the wire end with gauze, wax, or a small cotton ball until you can come in to have one of our dentists fix it for you. If it is more serious and gets stuck in your gums, tongue, or cheek, do not try to pull it out yourself. Wait until you can come in to have us help you.

Braces Emergency Prevention

There are a number of tools you can use and things you can do to help make braces emergencies less likely. Dental wax, made from beeswax, carnauba wax, or paraffin, can help protect your gums and is useful to have on hand if you have a protruding wire issue. The wax is solid at room temperature, but softens and can be shaped by the warmth of your hands. Once you smooth it onto your braces, it can create a buffer between your brackets, wires, and your gums. Dental wax will remain smooth while in your mouth and, as it breaks down, it will harmlessly peel off and flake away.

Do I Need A Mouthguard

If you or your child play a lot of sports, it may also be worth investing in a mouthguard. This can protect your teeth and soft tissue from damage while simultaneously helping you to avoid knocking the wires of your braces loose. If you choose to go with this option, make sure to consult your coach or instructor to determine what type of mouthguard would be best for you. This will save you time and money, as well as help best prevent any possible damage to you and your braces.

Braces are an incredibly effective way to help align your teeth, but braces emergencies can happen. We can help you prevent and deal with these issues if they do occur. If you want to learn more about braces emergencies or purchase prevention tools, call us today at 425.392.2499.
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All of the staff members are consistently friendly and warm! They are wonderful with children (even the little sister that wanted to closely watch)! Dr. Egger and her staff are very gentle, knowledgeable and professional and spend quality time educating patients and family. We feel like we are getting excellent care!

- Kristina M.

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Braces Emergencies - Orthodontist Issaquah, WA - Egger Orthodontics
Braces are a great way to help align your teeth, but emergencies can happen. At Egger Orthodontics we can help you prevent and deal with these issues if they do occur. Call today!
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