Diet During Orthodontics With Braces

Diet During Orthodontics With Braces in Issaquah

If you want to get a beautiful and healthy smile at the end of your orthodontic treatment, it is crucial to follow your orthodontist’s instructions as closely as possible. Unfortunately, that includes leaving many foods that represent a risk to your braces and oral health.

Why Should Patients Refrain From Eating Certain Foods

There are many reasons why to avoid certain foods when wearing braces. The most obvious ones are avoiding damage to your Issaquah orthodontics. If you are constantly eating hard, sticky, or crunchy foods, it is just a matter of time before you suffer from an orthodontic emergency like a broken or bent wire, a dislodged bracket, or even a ligature breaking. If these emergencies become regular occurring, you run the risk of seriously extending your orthodontic treatment time.

Additionally, not fixing your damaged orthodontic appliance can lead to your teeth moving in a different direction than first intended, which would not only require your orthodontist to come up with a new treatment plan but would also increase your expected time with braces.

Here is a small list of crunchy and hard foods to avoid.

  • Chips,
  • Nuts,
  • Hard pretzels,
  • Popcorn,
  • Crunchy and raw vegetables,
  • Hard fruits,
  • Corn on the cob,
  • Hard cookies or crackers,
  • Croutons.

Other types of food you should refrain from during your braces treatment are sticky and sugary foods. If brushing and flossing with braces is already quite difficult, then consuming these foods takes it to a new level.

While sticky foods will stick to your teeth and braces, sugary foods will react with the bacteria in your mouth to create acids and plaque, a sticky substance that sticks to your teeth and hardens over time into tartar. If the patient with braces doesn’t brush and floss properly, the plaque will eventually dissolve the tooth enamel, leading to cavities, infections, and even white spots appearing on your teeth. Unfortunately, for many, they are very noticeable once you remove your braces.

While you can technically still eat sugary foods, we do recommend staying away from sticky or chewy foods. Here is a list of them for you to take into consideration.

  • Caramel,
  • Toffee,
  • Thick or chewy bread,
  • Thick cuts of meat,
  • Licorice,
  • Any sticky candy.

Foods You Should Avoid the First Week and After Adjustments

After getting your braces and every adjustment appointment, you will feel your teeth much more sensitive than usual. During this time, you’ll want to avoid some foods that are usually safe to eat but at the time may cause some pain and discomfort. It would be best if you refrained from consuming them for a couple of days to a week. If you feel better, you can try a little piece and then decide if you are ready for them or not.

Stay away from very hot or cold food, as you will find it quite annoying to eat. Sadly, that also includes ice cream. Similarly, spicy or citrus fruit will cause some discomfort during the first few days of sensitivity.

A tip for your Issaquah braces treatment is to remember to try your meal before committing fully to it; after all, the last thing you want is to have to endure a meal in which every bite is painful for you. 

Foods You Can Eat the First Week and After Adjustment

On the other side, there are plenty of meals and snacks that you can have even in the most sensitive part of your orthodontic treatment in Issaquah. You’ll mainly want to stick to soft foods and anything that allows you to chew as little as possible.

Here is a small list of foods you can eat during your first week with braces and after any adjustment appointment.

  • Yogurt,
  • Oatmeal,
  • Soft fruits,
  • Soft cheeses,
  • Scrambled eggs,
  • Protein shakes,
  • Soups,
  • Sweet potatoes,
  • Mashed potatoes,
  • Pancakes,
  • Pasta,
  • Seafood,
  • Smoothies,
  • Soft vegetables,
  • Soft or moist sweets.

Delicious Recipes After Braces Placement and Adjustments

Fortunately for everyone, even with this very strict diet, not everything’s lost. There are plenty of delicious meals for every time of the day that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Here are just a few recipes that we recommend you try.

Gingered Honey Salmon

If you are looking for something that’s not only braces-friendly but also a part of a healthy diet, then Gingered Honey Salmon is a great option for you. The salmon will work great with your braces as it won’t stick or damage, but you do need to be careful with the orange juice needed for the recipe, as it will be bothersome if you just got your braces adjusted.

Buttermilk Pancakes

As a classic dessert and breakfast meal, buttermilk pancakes are the best options for those looking for something sweet that won’t damage or stick to their braces. Additionally, it is one of those plates that you can have at any point during your orthodontic treatment in Issaquah; just remember not to eat them too often.

Keep Your Braces Healthy

If you are looking to get braces in Issaquah or need assistance with them, then you are in luck. Here at Egger orthodontics, we are eager to help you in any way we can; just schedule your appointment with us here, and we’ll see you as soon as possible.