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Learn What Millions of Teens Already Know – Invisalign Teen is the Discrete Way to Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Issaquah, WA – The teen years can be hard enough without having to add orthodontic treatment on top of it. Between balancing school, extracurricular activities, and social lives, teens probably aren’t looking to add even more work to their plates. But luckily for them, Invisalign Teen is the orthodontic treatment option that can fit comfortably, and invisibly, into their lives!

So, what is Invisalign Teen? It’s the clear aligner orthodontic system designed just for your teen. The aligners fit comfortably over the teeth, are virtually invisible, and they are removable. Every set of aligners is custom-created for the individual patient, so your teen will have a highly personalized orthodontic experience. And with the cutting-edge technology, you’ll even be able to see the final result before treatment even starts.

Invisalign Teen consists of a series of clear aligners that fit snugly over the teeth. Each set in the series is calibrated to achieve a certain tooth movement, with the end result being a beautifully straight smile and properly functioning bite. The aligners are removable, so your teen can take them out to eat and drink. This also makes caring for their oral health a snap because they’ll simply pop the aligners out to brush and floss as usual.

Invisalign has been revolutionizing how orthodontic patients achieve their ideal smiles, and Invisalign Teen was created specifically for our teen patients. It includes special features to meet the unique needs of teens and adolescents. These include:

  • Compliance indicators – Compliance is key when it comes to Invisalign treatment. Because the aligners are removable, patients may be tempted to take them out more than they should. But they can only do the job of moving the teeth when they’re in place, so Invisalign Teen includes special compliance indicators to ensure your teen is wearing the aligners as needed. These indicators start off blue, and as they are worn the blue begins to fade until it is clear. If your teen wears their aligners the recommended 22 hours a day, you’ll be able to tell.
  • Replacement aligners – We know our teen patients lead busy lives, and sometimes an aligner can get lost or misplaced. But don’t worry, if your teen accidentally misplaces an aligner or one becomes damaged, Invisalign Teen provides up to six replacement aligners at no charge.

Invisalign Teen is a great choice for patients with varying degrees of malocclusions. There are no metal brackets or wires, so your teen doesn’t have to worry about being a metal mouth in today’s social media-driven world. But no brackets and wires also mean no pieces to come loose or break, no wires to tighten, and no worry about the embarrassment of food getting stuck. Your teen will also have fewer appointments with us. They’ll need to check in every 8-10 weeks to ensure their smile is progressing as it should, as opposed to every six weeks for standard braces.

Invisalign Teen can help your child smile confidently throughout their treatment time because the aligners are made with a BPA-free plastic that is virtually invisible. That means no one will even notice them. Your teen can focus on living their best life, while Invisalign discreetly does the work of creating a beautiful smile. Schedule your teen’s complimentary consultation today by calling Egger Orthodontics at 425-392-2499.